We have decades of experience installing tile, metal, wood, and fabric ceilings that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Even though an architect specifies the correct acoustical material for a particular environment, that material must be installed as specified by the manufacturer to function properly. That’s where our experienced installers shine.

Our ceiling crews have installed ceiling material designed to enhance sound transmission in auditoriums and public spaces. For customers who need acoustical dampening, Novinger’s Inc. ceiling crews can install a full range of sound baffles, acoustical ceiling tile, full-height partitions, and sound-absorbing room barriers.

We have proven expertise with standard laser-leveled grid and tile systems and can also  install an ornate ceiling in an executive office or public hall. 




In many commercial buildings, interior walls are now built using cold-formed light gauge metal framing systems instead of framing with wooden studs. This material is also used to create the structure behind curved walls, soffits, arches, and barrel vaults. 

Our union carpenters and laborers have extensive experience building with light gauge metal systems and can create complicated surfaces with projecting and receding elements according to architectural specifications. 

We may also use this framing method for building certain exterior wall panel types in our shop. 








These tasks are our original core skills.

Many companies hang drywall, but few have the expertise required for today’s jobs. Our drywall crews have completed projects ranging from dozens of uniform-sized rooms to rooms with intricate drops, splays, and curves.

Our superintendents and foremen supervise every step – from framing, hanging, taping, and finishing to final inspection. We have experience with creating any finish that a customer needs – from a standard finish up to a level five finish (very smooth under critical lighting). For jobs that require overhead work, we have employees who are trained and certified in the safe use of scaffolding.

We also employ expert lathers and plasterers who can repair or create beautiful plaster walls, columns, and ceilings. Recent plastering projects have included repairing the plaster moldings in the historic Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex and in Schwab Auditorium on The Pennsylvania State University campus.