Four reasons why novinger’s inc. should build your mega panels (prefabricated exterior wall panels)


1) experience                             – 30 years and nearly 300 megapanel projects 

2) large fabrication shop        – space to lay out hundreds of panels at a time

3) WARRANTY                                – written warranty for the customer

4) LEEDS EXPERIENCE                 – experience building energy efficient panels 


We have constructed stud walls in commercial buildings for 70 years. About thirty years ago, we began fabricating mega panels (prefabricated exterior wall panels) with various finishes. Our crews have completed nearly 300 exterior wall projects to date.

Our mega panel projects range from one-story retail buildings with thin-brick cladding to 50-story mixed-use projects. We have experience with a wide variety of wall types and external cladding components. We’ve finished mega panels with EIFS, aluminum composite panel (ACM) material, thin brick, stone veneer, various metal sidings, and also insulated metal panel material in many widths and textures. We’ve also done panels with ACM and siding over insulated metal panels that use an integral furring. 





Using the project architectural and structural drawings, our staff creates shop drawings. These drawings are then reviewed, modified as directed, and then eventually approved by the architect and also by a structural engineer before fabrication begins.

We frequently build mock-up panels to send to outside consultants to test panel durability and weather-resistance before finalizing our shop drawing designs.

We have a large, climate-controlled fabrication shop to lay out and build the panels and apply various finishes. For most projects, steel panel frames are welded together on jigs. Cross members are added to the framework. Additional layers of sheathing, insulation, and finishes or prefab sections as specified in the architectural drawings are applied to the frames.

Window receivers and trims may be added on the fabrication shop floor or after panel placement on the building frame.

Our shop foremen inspect each panel at every step of production to insure proper quality control. Checklists are used to track progress and address any deficiencies if they arise.


















Our design team works with the general contractor or construction manager to designate the panel installation order that is best for the unique characteristics of each project. 

The finished panels are carefully stacked in hanging sequence on trailers and then shrink-wrapped with heavy plastic. Loaded panels can be stored for short periods until they are ready to be transported to the job site.

At the jobsite, the panels are unloaded by crane and then fastened to the building frame. Our installation foremen supervise hanging, attachment, and caulking to ensure that the final product meets or exceeds the building specifications.

Prefabricated exterior wall panels manufactured in our shop can enhance the appearance of any commercial building.





















advantages of prefabricating megapanels

1. Build panels at the same time as steel erection
2. Lower cost and fewer change orders
3. More efficient use of materials / less wastage 
4. Better quality control
5. Reduces the chance of weather delays
6. Easier coordination of trades
7. Lower risk of accidents at the job site
8. Usually eliminates scaffolding at the job site
9. Less clutter at the job site
10. Minimal staging space required
11. Building envelope is enclosed quickly
12. Shorter total construction time    

              What do our finished buildings look like?

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