Owner – Penn State Health

Architect – CannonDesign

Our Customer – Barton Malow Alexander

Building Description – New, three-story, 300,000 square foot, 108-bed acute care hospital with inpatient and outpatient services – The architectural firm used a lean engineering approach with all contractors to discover and resolve engineering conflicts before construction began – The hospital is projected to open by late 2021.

Novinger’s Inc. Work – Under the direction of Novinger Foreman Rick Becker, we did spray fireproofing on the structural steel. We also built basic exterior wall megapanels (stud, sheathing, and air vapor barrier) in our shop. These panels were installed on the building frame and then panel joints were covered with flashing. Our crews proceeded to install a Knightwall™ system with insulation over the basic panels, followed by ATAS metal siding Versa-Seam™ in four shades of gray. One building section also received field-installed aluminum composite material panels. Some of this work was done on a radius (curved wall), which challenged our installation crews. The building envelope is now complete and our field work is almost finished. 

Harrisburg federal courthouse

harrisburg, PA

Owner – United States General Services Administration

Architect – Ennead Architects, LLP

Our Customer – Mascaro Construction Company, LP

Building Description – New, 10-story, 243,000 gross square foot building for use by the Pennsylvania 3rd Circuit Courts, US Courts, US Marshall Service, US Attorneys, and the US Trustees. The building is projected to be ready for occupancy by late 2022.

Novinger’s Inc. Work – Novinger’s Inc applied spray fireproofing material to the steel frame of the building. Our firm was also hired to  install blast-resistant exterior wall panels on this project. Building Blocks GFRC in Florida manufactured the basic concrete-reinforced panels and then trucked them to our fabrication shop in Harrisburg PA. Our shop crews added insulation and welded additional steel blast plates, clips, and hangers to the panels. Our crews trucked the finished panels to the project site, hung them, and secured the panels to the building structure. Unique aspects of this contract included carefully inspecting the basic panels on arrival, performing the additional work on each panel, and safely moving very heavy panels (some over 8,000 pounds) in the shop and on the job site.




Owner – Pennsylvania Medical Society

Architect – Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates

Our Customer – Pyramid Construction Services Inc.

Building Description – New, three-story, 28,000 square foot office building to become the headquarters for the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

Novinger’s Inc. Work – Prefabricate and install a rainscreen system consisting of aluminum composite metal (ACM) panels and Cembrit cladding over Kingspan Karrier Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) on steel stud framing. Cembrit is an engineered fiber cement composite panel reinforced with cellulose fibers for added strength. All of the panels are now attached to the building structure and the joints have been caulked. The contrasting stone work was supplied and installed by others, on Novinger’s prefabricated back-up wall panels.



225 Grandview  – new  facade

camp hill, pa

Owner – Select Capital Commercial Properties Inc.

Architect – Murray Associates Architects

Construction Manager – A. P. Williams Inc.

Building Description – A five floor, 215,000 square foot office building built in the 1980’s – To be completely renovated to Class A commercial office space. The renovation goal was to modernize the facade and improve energy efficiency. 

Novinger’s Inc. Work – The old glazed curtain wall system was removed down to the structural steel frame. We replaced it with Kingspan KarrierPanel™ insulated metal panels covered by corrugated metal panels and architectural metal panels. Solar shading louvers were also attached. This extensive renovation challenged our estimating, design, and installation teams, but the finished building looks great and the customer has a beautiful, energy-efficient building ready for new tenants.



Lincoln Square

philadelphia, PA

Owner – Joint venture of Alterra Property Group and MIS Capital

Architect – BLT Architects

Our Customer – INTECH Construction, LLC

Building Description – New nine-story, mixed use (retail and residential) building – Nearly 300,000 square feet structure attached to a historic brick train depot building.

Novinger’s Inc. Work – Fabricate and install approximately 400 ACM (aluminum composite material) cladded prefabricated exterior wall panels. Panels are white, beige and gray. Floor to ceiling windows were installed after the panels were hung and attached to the building frame. We finished this project in late 2018. Leasing of retail space and 322 rental apartments is nearly complete.



UPMC pinnacle harrisburg hospital

harrisburg, PA

Owner – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Architect – Stantec Architecture and Engineering LLC

Our Customer – Quandel Construction Group, Inc

Building Description – Two new floors added to the Alex Grass Medical Building. The 8th floor is a maternity/postpartum unit and the 9th floor is for a level 3 neonatal intensive care unit.

Novinger’s Inc. Work – Our crews built interior walls and installed drywall and acoustical ceilings on the new floors. This project had many special features including curved framing, recessed lighting, and  drop ceiling sections. In addition, our craftsmen installed 3form acrylic resin shaped clouds in the nursing stations and resin trees with leaves in the patient waiting areas. These pictures were taken by our foreman Scott Weaver.




student housing at dickinson college

carlisle, PA

Owner – Dickinson College

Architect – Deborah Berke Partners

Our Customer – Benchmark Construction Company, Inc.

Building Description – New 40,000 square foot, four-story LEED Platinum building.

Novinger’s Inc. Work – This project is a unique addition to our Project Gallery. Our field crew installed a Knight Wall furring system over block. After that step, we attached prefabricated Rheinzink® wall panels to the furring system on-site. Rheinzink® is a zinc, titanium and copper alloy. The resulting surface is durable, attractive, and low maintenance.




holly pointe commons at rowan university

glassboro, nj

Owner – University Student Living

Architect – Erdy McHenry Architecture, LLC

Our Customer – Torcon, Inc.

Building Description – College residence hall – New, 310,000 square foot circular building with 4-story and 7-story areas.

Novinger’s Inc. Work – Fabricate and install exterior wall panels consisting of light gauge metal framing with Kingspan KarrierPanel™ insulated metal panels in our shop. The cladding was Kingspan Morin X-12 concealed fastener corrugated panel on the courtyard side and Kingspan Morin standing seam siding on the campus side. It was constructed in combination of four different radii, which complicated the manufacturing and placement of the panels, but resulted in a beautiful finished appearance.