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our estimating procedure

Bid announcements should be sent to this email address:  estimating@novingergroup.com.

Novinger’s Inc. is a union subcontractor. We employ union members and can bid on prevailing wage projects. 

Please send commercial project bid announcements well before the project start date – so we have a reasonable amount of time to review the project documents, complete any pre-qualification requirements, and assemble a competitive bid.

We work primarily in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and West Virginia. Depending on the job description and other factors, we may also bid on projects in other states. 

These are the CSI Subdivision areas that we work in:

  • 054000  Cold-Formed Metal Framing
  • 061600  Sheathing
  • 072100  Thermal Insulation
  • 072413  EIFS
  • 074213  Formed Metal Panels
  • 074216  Metal Composite Wall Panels
  • 078100  Applied Fireproofing
  • 092216  Non-Structural Framing
  • 092900  Gypsum Board
  • 095113  Acoustical Panel Ceilings                        


Due to the number of announcements we receive, we regret that we are often unable to reply to every request for bid status. 

If our bid is successful, our preconstruction coordinator will begin the process of contract review and preparing submittals and other documents.