applied fireproofing

experienced crews deliver superior results


Applied fireproofing material protects steel columns, beams, metal decking and joists from the effects of heat generated during a fire and may also provide some acoustical dampening and thermal insulation. This passive fire protection method should allow building occupants more time to evacuate during a fire and also give first responders more time to save a building structure.

Experience with specific materials and conditions really matters in this specialty. Our crews have been applying fireproofing material on steel framing for more than 25 years. It takes time to learn how to mix and apply different types of material in changing environmental conditions and different building designs. We make fine adjustments to our mix and spray consistency based on air temperature, relative humidity, hose length, and surface characteristics.

We have experience with spraying low density fiber (gypsum) and also spray-applied fire resistive material (formerly named cementitious fireproofing). Our crews have also applied various intumescent coatings (which swell in response to heat) to protect steel surfaces. Our fireproofing superintendent carefully chooses the best material, bonding agent, and accelerator for each project.

Novinger’s Inc applied fireproofing crews are trained and certified in safe scaffold erection and usage. They also use appropriate eye protection and respirators during mixing and application. Our crews use a team approach to create a top-quality surface that will pass strict inspection standards for proper coverage, thickness, and density according to the applicable building code.