why we should build your wall panels in our shop

experience, flexibility, and high quality work

We have constructed stud walls for 70 years. About three decades ago, we began building exterior wall panels and have completed more than 250 projects to date.

Our panel projects range from one-story retail buildings with thin-brick cladding to 50-story mixed-use projects. We have experience with a wide variety of wall types and external cladding components.

Advantages of building panels in our fabrication shop include:

  • Build panels at same time as site prep and steel erection
  • Shorter total construction time  
  • Better quality control
  • Reduces the chance of weather delays at the job site
  • Easier coordination of trades
  • Usually eliminates scaffolding at the job site
  • Less clutter at the job site
  • Prefab panels often weigh less than precast panels

Our process

Using the project architectural and structural drawings, our staff creates shop drawings. Shop drawings are then reviewed and approved by the architect and a structural engineer before fabrication begins.

We frequently build mock-up panels for testing durability and weather-resistance before building the panels that will be installed on a project.

We have a large, climate-controlled fabrication shop to lay out and build the panels. Steel panel frames are welded together on jigs. Cross members are added and then additional layers of insulation and finishes or prefab sections as specified in the architectural drawings are applied to the frame. Windows and trims may be added in the shop or after panel placement on the building. Our shop foremen inspect each panel at every step of production to insure proper quality control.

Finished panels are carefully stacked on trailers and shrink-wrapped with heavy plastic. They can be stored for short periods until they are ready to be transported to the job site and craned onto the building frame. Our installation foremen supervise hanging, attachment, and caulking to ensure that the final product meets or exceeds the building specifications.

 Recent panel jobs

Student Housing at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA – New 40,000 sq ft, 4-story LEED Platinum building – This was a field-installed panel job – Novinger’s Inc crews installed a Knight Wall furring system over block. Prefabricated Rheinzink (zinc, titanium, and copper alloy) wall panels were then attached to the furring system at the job site. The resulting building is durable, attractive and low maintenance.

Student Housing at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ – New 310,000 sq ft., circular building with 4- and 7-story areas – Novinger’s Inc built exterior walls that were light gauge metal framing with Kingspan KarrierPanel ™ insulated metal panels – Cladding was Kingspan Morin X-12 concealed fastener corrugated panel on courtyard side and Kingspan Morin standing seam siding on campus side – Constructed in combination of four different radii.

King of Prussia Mall Addition in King Of Prussia, PA – General contractor added 70 retail stores and also connected two buildings to create one continuous structure – Novinger’s Inc built and installed prefabricated exterior wall panels with an EIFS cladding for the court and connector sides of the building sections.

Journal Squared Tower One in Jersey City, NJ – 54-story mixed use building (office, residential, and retail) in reclaimed urban space – Novinger’s Inc built prefabricated aluminum composite panels that were rectangular white metal grid with inset windows interrupted by an asymmetric narrow-inset blue-glass pier. This was one of our largest projects to date. Our fabrication shop built more than 3,100 panels in about seven months.  Because the job site did not permit an exterior crane for panel installation, each panel was transported up in a freight elevator and then installed using an interior crane on each floor.