NOVINGER’S INC  in Harrisburg, PA




Novinger’s Inc in Harrisburg, PA is a premier specialty contractor primarily serving Pennsylvania and several bordering states. Although the majority of our work consists of fabricating unitized exterior wall panels and applying fireproofing material, we also do structural framing, hang drywall, and install ceilings. Our talented union carpenters, plasterers, laborers, tenders, and finishers work as a team to deliver superior quality work.

Our objective is to exceed customer expectations in all aspects of a construction project – from submitting a fair estimate, complying with all contract requirements, cooperating with other trades, providing a safe work environment, and ensuring that each project is completed on time and on budget. Building strong customer relationships is important to us. While we welcome the opportunity to work with new customers, we are often asked to bid on new projects with existing satisfied customers.

Our firm has been in business for more than eight decades and we have observed many changes in materials, methods of construction, market conditions, and contract terms. One thing remains the same – Novinger’s Inc in Harrisburg PA still delivers quality products and craftsmanship to every project. We have the people, resources, and experience required for each project.



September and October 2020 – Our fireproofing crews are applying cementitious fireproofing material on the steel structure of the new United States Courthouse in downtown Harrisburg, PA. This 10-story, 243,000 gross square foot building will have space for courtrooms, chambers, jury rooms, and other secure spaces. 

August 2020 – Our field crew has begun installing 100 prefabricated exterior wall panels on the new headquarters for the Pennsylvania Medical Society in Mechanicsburg, PA. The new panels form a rainscreen system consisting of aluminum composite material (ACM) and a Cembrit finish over insulated metal panels (IMP) on steel stud framing. Cembrit is a light weight, durable, low maintenance, engineered fiber-cement product reinforced with cellulose fibers for added strength. 

July 2020 – Novinger’s Inc has been hired to construct noise reduction panels for placement along Route 295 / 42/ and Interstate 76 junction in New Jersey. Our contract includes building two bridge-mounted sections and also one section of panels to be mounted on a retaining wall. Each panel will be decorated with a stylized water bird artwork design on the highway side and also on the residential side.

June 2020 – We have signed a contract to install cementitious fireproofing material for a new building near the Reading Hospital in Wyomissing, PA. Drexel University College of Medicine has joined Tower Health to fund this new six-story medical school building. 

May 2020 – Our firm is patching plaster and doing ceiling work in the East Wing of the Pennsylvania Capitol Building in Harrisburg, PA.